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Name:Erza Scarlet
Enslaved as a child, Erza first learned magic out of necessity - and moved on to actually help lead the rebellion against their captors and free a captured friend from torture. A plan that backfired as the brain-broken Jellal proceeded to toss her out of their tower prison, and take over the prison himself, under the guise of savior.

Erza herself joined Fairy Tail, a guild of mages, growing in strength as she aged and quickly becoming one of the most powerful members.

Though driven by duty and law, Erza draws her true strength from friendship. She is often passionate, when not grimly serious, and is to be crossed only at one's own risk. Despite her strictness, and feelings of justice, she's known to enjoy sweets and cuteness, and romance - and to be somewhat self-conscious about these tastes. Though very hard to embarrass, having almost no concept of modesty when it comes to clothing or even bathing, she will blush at the idea of someone catching her with anything actively cute or sexual.

She is not generally comfortable outside of her armor, though that's rarely an issue - Her requip* magic allows her to instantly exchange armor and swords, often with their own special magical abilities. Beyond that, she has beastly levels of physical strength - the exact limits are never outlined, but even without using special equipment she seems able to lift several tons with relative ease.

*Requip is actually used to store things in a pocket dimension, where they can be drawn out at will - every armor and weapon she pulls out is something she already owns, and it isn't technically limited to combat materials either. That's simply how Erza has chosen to use it.

OOC: Mun and muse are 18+
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